Management and Leadership Programs

م Training Courses Duration Language
1.      Total Quality Management 5 Days Arabic
2.      Problem Solving & Decision Making 3 Days Arabic
3.      Preparations for Writing Letters, Reports, and Biddings 5 Days Arabic
4.      Professionalism skills 3 Days Arabic
5.      Human Resources Management and Development 20 Days Arabic
6.      Management Leadership Skills 15 Days Arabic
7.      Strategic Planning and Thinking, and Business Building Plans 5 Days Arabic
8.      Goal Oriented Management and Analysis, and Extraction of Performance Indicators 5 Days Arabic
9.      The Art of Dealing with Work’s Pressures, Problem Analysis, and Decision Making 5 Days Arabic
10.                         Creativity and Excellence in Business Administration 5 Days Arabic
11.                         Effective Leadership Skills and Strategies, Planning, and Crisis Management 5 Days Arabic
12.                         Modern Methods to Measure Job Satisfaction for Employees 5 Days Arabic
13.                         Strategic Leadership and Future  Vision Development, and  Preparations for Management Planning to be Achieved 5 Days Arabic
14.                         Integrated Managerial Approach on How to Prepare Heads of Departments 5 Days Arabic
15.                         Advanced Administration and Recent Trends in Employees and Career Development 5 Days Arabic
16.                         Delegation Task Skills to Prepare and Develop the Skills of the Second Class to Insure Sustainability 5 Days Arabic
17.                         Integrated Skills For Managers of Senior Office Management  and Executive Secretaries 5 Days Arabic
18.                         Effective Management and Skills to Avoid Administrative Mistakes 5 Days Arabic
19.                         Applying Creativity in your Job and Strategic Implementing of Excellence and Creative Thinking 5 Days Arabic
20.                         Achieving Innovative and Creative Leadership, and How to Reach the Peak of Excellence and Success 5 Days Arabic
21.                         Preparation for Strategic Planning and How Emerge in Competitive Environments 5 Days Arabic
22.                         Efficiency in Dealing with Difficulties, Crisis, and Building Trust in the Work Place 5 Days Arabic
23.                         Strategic Planning and Innovative Leadership 5 Days Arabic
24.                         Modern Forms of Investment in Human Capital and Measure the Return From Training 5 Days Arabic
25.                         Modern Trends in  Administrative Control and Auditing 5 Days Arabic
26.                         Advanced Strategies for Purchases, Treasures, and Management of Logistics Services  5 Days Arabic
27.                         Administrative Excellence in Time and Work Pressure Management 5 Days Arabic
28.                         Indexing Advanced Digital Archiving and Managing Documents Electronically 5 Days Arabic
29.                         Practical Applications in Public Relations and Journalism 5 Days Arabic
30.                         Development of Behavioral and Managerial Skills for Office Staff of Public Relations and Media 5 Days Arabic
31.                         Advanced Systems for Occupational Characterization, Preparation of Organizational Structure, and Developing Performances Plans 5 Days Arabic
32.                         Excellence and Efficiency in Conducting Interviews, Recruiting Qualified employees, and Performance Management 5 Days Arabic
33.                         Time Management (Handling Work Pressure) 5 Days Arabic
34.                         The Management Research Centers: Development and Methodology 5 Days Arabic