Finance and Accounting Programs

م Training Courses Duration Language
1.      Accounting For Non Finance Managers 5 Days Arabic\ English
2.      Financial Planning and Budgeting 5 Days Arabic
3.      Financial Analysis Expert 7 Days Arabic
4.      Logistics and Materials Management 20 Days Arabic
5.      Expense Management Methods in Procurement, Storage, and Support Services 5 Days Arabic
6.      International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards 6 Days Arabic
7.      The Art of Reading Financial Reports and the Skill of Linking its Components 5 Days Arabic
8.      The Preparation of Internal Audit Reports and its Documents that Meet the IIA Standards 5 Days Arabic
9.      Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards IAS, IFRS 5 Days Arabic
10.                         Efficiency of Financial Planning and Budgeting According to Performance Indicators 5 Days Arabic
11.                         Accounting Errors and Methods of Detection and Processing Techniques 5 Days Arabic
12.                         Practical Applications and  Calculations of Wages and Salaries 5 Days Arabic
13.                         Modern Methods in Raising the Efficiency of Accountants and Financial Supervision 5 Days Arabic
14.                         Preparation and Analysis of Economic Feasibility Studies and Evaluation of Projects 5 Days Arabic
15.                         Cost Accounting for Governmental Sector 5 Days Arabic
16.                         Analysis and Evaluation of General Budgets and Financial Reporting 5 Days Arabic
17.                         Applying International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPAS) in Governmental Sector 5 Days Arabic
18.                         The Development and Restructuration of Governmental Accounting Systems According to International Developments 5 Days Arabic
19.                         Preparation and Monitoring the Implementation of Budgets and  Deviations Analysis 5 Days Arabic
20.                         Organization, Reporting, and Managing Financial Systems for Financial Observers 5 Days Arabic
21.                         Measuring and Evaluating the Accounting and Financial Performance Efficiency Using Balanced Scorecards 5 Days Arabic
22.                         Inventory Adjustments and  Processing Accounting Errors 5 Days Arabic
23.                         Auditing, Control Violations, Fraud Management, and Financial Investigations 5 Days Arabic